Web Solutions

Should your company decide to make that important transition to the world of online businesses, our highly skilled web design consulting team will access and guide you through every aspect of launching a productive corporate website.


They can offer you the following services:

  1. Functional Design - Identify what your website must support
  2. Visual Design - Total composition of colours and shapes for your internet website
  3. Technical Design - Technical realisation of the visual design
  4. Textual Design - Logical structure of information to guide your visitor through your website
  5. Installation and configuration of your internet website - Technical side of your internet website
  6. Support and training - We give you the best start by training your staff to work with the internet website
  7. Web-hosting, domain name registration and email services
  8. Security updates.

We can help you identify the basics of business on the internet: setting up a website, encouraging visitors to your website.