Market Research


Not sure where to start? Russia Coaches&Consultants will carry out a market research to answer your initial questions.

If you are interested in entering the Russian market you should start up study in the new place of business activity. Main centre of financial and business activity in Russia is Moscow (about 65-70% of all financial flows go through Moscow companies). That’s why we are focusing our attention on Moscow with a total population of 16 million people. Of course we are offering marketing analysis of other regions in Russia (if it is required by research brief).


Short marketing analysis includes the following information:

- Your Competitors. We are studying their activity in detail.
- Your potential Clients. Besides examing your potential clients and their business we also analyze development and opportunities of the target branch. Issues such as  longor short term contracts between potential clients and their suppliers are as important as the overall willingness of clients to change their supplier.
- Distribution and Partners. When entering to Russian market it is necessary to take the following decision: create own selling system or use selling system of Russian partner-company.

Detailed marketing research of Russian market:

in case you require a very detailed marketing research of the Russian market with indication of figures such as  import/export/domestic production of certain  companies we have access to services of local statistics institutes.

Our analysis includes a general outline of Russian political system, macro-economic drivers of the economy and further, focusing on the sector relevant to your business:

  • legislation issues,
  • current and future situation
  • profiles of the main players
  • strategic risks and opportunities.

Upon request, Russia Coaches & Consultants company can investigate potential opportunities in more depth, among other, by reviewing the entry strategies of various international companies already operating in Russia, in order to advise you on further steps.