Did you know that Russia needs You?

With over 140 million customers, Russia is one of the top largest and fast growing export markets in the world.
Why is Russia so attractive for you?

  • Ninth largest country in the world by population
  • Eleventh country in the world by GDP
  • Unlimited variety of investments opportunities
  • Undeveloped small and medium term business
  • Existing companies on the market not being able to satisfy demand
  • High average price levels
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Russia, the country of unlimited opportunities

  • Are you ready for a new challenge?
  • Are you looking for attractive margins?
  • Are you tired of endless competition and unloyal customers?

Then come to Russia together with us! We will help your company to attract the best deals on the Russian market and to export goods and services anywhere in the country. Are you looking for possibilities to establish and expand your business? Ask those who know!

You will be busy with your business, we will take care about the rest!!


How to start?

  • Get you acquainted with the possibilities
  • Understand your wishes
  • Take care of your concerns

We offer you a one hour free of charge intake meeting with one of our senior consultants to discuss your situation and ideas at our office in The Netherlands or our office in Moscow!


How to proceed?

After having agreement with you that you want to start up we will make a first outline plan in which the following issues will be determined:

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